Reflexology - Increase Energy Levels and create a number of Health Benefits!


Reflexology is the application of pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, face or ears that create a response throughout the body.

These areas and reflex points correspond to different body organs and systems.

Facial reflexology combines healing systems from traditional medicines to  address disorders of the nervous system, brain related conditions etc.  It is deeply relaxing and excellent for stress.

A Reflexology treatment can increase energy levels and create a number of health benefits.

Benefits of Reflexology

  1. Immediately relaxes and reduces stress
  2. Improves sleep quality
  3. Improves circulation
  4. Eliminates toxins
  5. Assists in balancing the nervous system leading to a sense of well-being in mind, emotions and body.

Margaret Meyer trained in the original Ingham method of Reflexology in 1996.  Eunice Ingham (1889-1974) was the first therapist to create maps of the feet, linking certain parts of the body with areas on the feet.  So, for example, the reflex area for the sinuses is located in the toes.

Treatment Menu & Price List

Reflexology 60 min $90 includes aromatic footbath and exfoliating scrub.

Facial reflexology  45 min $90:  soothing massage with argan oil melts tension and works with nervous system related disorders.  This treatment is deeply relaxing and clients often comment on how much better they feel when the treatment is over.