Facials - Regular Facials Help Maintain Optimal Skin Health!


What happens at a Phyt’s facial?

  1. First you change into a chic Phyt's sarong, then you are made comfortable on the beauty bed, wrapped in warm towels and your hair protected.
  2. Your face is cleansed and toned.
  3. Your skin is analysed and the facial kit which best matches your skin is selected.
  4. Next, a gentle exfoliation leaves your skin renewed and soft.
  5. Then the skin is ready to receive a relaxing massage with precious plant extract serum to nourish and revitalise your skin.
  6. A mask is applied to enhance the action of the serum.
  7. Finally application of a protective moisturiser concludes the treatment.

Additional Treatments and Specials


Phyt's Satin Body Exfoliant 

Phyt's exfoliant gently removes dry, dead skin cells leaving the skin supple and glowing.  (Once treatment is complete the skin is clean and you can dress over it).  45 min $70

Aromatic Skincare is a proud stockist of Phyt’s 100% natural certified organic skin care range. So gentle, they cater to even the most sensitive of skin types and conditions.  From mature to dry, oily to dull, sensitive to congested skins, Phyt's has a custom made facial formulations to care for each one.  Your Phyt's therapist will assist you in making the right choice.

Phyt's ingredients are organically grown.  They are certified organic by Cosmebio (Europe).

Ingredients include plant extracts, oils, vitamins and trace elements.

All oils are first-pressed virgin oils.

Retail packaging is in non reactive tubes.

Created in 20kg batches to preserve the integrity of the product.

Does not contain any lanolin, synthetic chemicals, petro-chemicals, propylene glycol or parabens, synthetic fragrances, sodium lauryl sulphate, AHAs or retin A.

And they are not tested on animals.

Benefits of a Phyt's Facial

  1. Phyt's certified organic products complement the structure of the skin, nourishing and protecting it.  A course of Phyt's facials balances deficiencies allowing the skin's true radiance to be seen.
  2. Increases the circulation allowing for optimum oxygenation of the skin and renewal of skin cells.
  3. Promotes elimination of waste products resulting in clear healthy looking skin.
  4. Can help smooth lines and promote collagen production to retard premature ageing, wrinkles and loss of skin tone.
  5. Allows a professionally trained beauty therapist to advise you on the best products for your skin type.



Does your face suffer from redness, itching and burning?

Do you find that many skincare products irritate your skin?

Chances are you may have sensitive skin.  The skin's barrier zone may be impaired resulting in sensitivity and redness.

PHYT'S SENSI range of products for sensitive skin contains soothing ingredients such as bisabolol and cotton flower extract.  These ingredients are  obtained from Nature and work in synergy to calm. rehydrate and heal the skin.

A programme of facials and homecare products will work together to support the skin.  Clients who have used SENSI love it because the change in their skin is often visible after 2 facials.

Any questions?  Call Margaret on 0427 802 671.

Phyt’s Organic Facials Treatment Menu & Price List

Very sensitive skin (Sensi Phyt's) 1 hour $110   This fragrance free range of carefully selected botanical products calms redness and hydrates dry itching skin.  

Blemished skin (Soin Aromaclear) 1 hour 15 min:  $110
Deeply cleanses and balances oil production in the skin, treats blackheads and detoxifies.

Devitalized skin (Anti Pollution) :  1 hour 15 min $110  Stimulating, detoxifying, revitalising to tired skin. combats the effects of Pollution!

Mature skin 1 hour 30 min (Soin Multi-Vita):   $120  A multi-vitamin treatment containing specially selected ingredients to address the signs of ageing.  Hydrating, toning and rejuvenating.  For all mature skin types.

Sensitive dry skin (Soin Capyl) with dilated capillaries 1 hour 15 min: $110
Soothing, nourishing, reduces redness, relieves congestion and tones dilated  capillaries.

Dry to very dry mature skin (Phyt'issima)  1 hour 30 min:  $110
Soothing to extreme dryness and adding much needed essential fatty acids to nourish the skin.  Excellent in dry climate.

Dry, dehydrated skin (Aqua Phyt's) 1 hour 30 min: $110
Skin plumping, hydrating, moisture boosting.  Includes a peel-off mask for deep hydration.

You are welcome to make an appointment to discuss your skin.

Consultation:  30 min $40

Call 0427802671